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Motobex will help source or arrange to purchase vehicles of your choice.  Here are a few examples of just what can we arrange here at Motobex:-

·       Delivery from the source to the port

·       Shipping to your desired port using

·       Your own choice of Ro-Ro or Container.

·       Inspection and images.

·       Insurance while the car is in UK,

·       Everything else that is required for the safe and secure delivery of your vehicle to the port of discharge.





No worries. We are aware parts for European cars are expensive outside Europe. We are in contact all major suppliers of new and used vehicle parts and accessories and we are able to provide you with these.

 Commercial Vehicle Parts  - We  provide an efficient service sourcing and supplying  new and used spare parts for all major trucks and commercial vehicles


The Motobex Experience

The Motobex experience is unique. Motobex offers you Premium Services with vehicles from premium sources.  The entire process, from purchase to shipping and all transactions will be available to you online and can be tracked right from auction to the port of discharge. Motobex representatives are always ready to answer specific enquiries.



Motobex offers peace of mind. Your mind can be rest assured that you are dealing with Professionals.  Whether it is your first time to import a used European or Japanese car, we will guide you through the process in simple steps to make sure you receive high quality new or used cars, trucks, vans, buses or Agricultural machinery.

All our used vehicles are sourced directly from the vehicle dealers or car auctions or private sellers from all over the UK to provide you with lower prices but very good value for money.

We provide you with all details of the vehicle (state and condition)



African Connection

Motobex is one of the foremost independent vehicle suppliers to Africa.

We also specialize in supplying 4WD vehicles to construction companies, oil companies, vehicle traders, support organizations, and diplomatic missions. The Motobex Experience is simple: we provide extremely competitive prices and unrivalled service. Evidentially, our service quality is recognized by previous customers and is highly recommended.


We also offer a full range of  other services, ranging from  providing new and used  vehicle parts and accessories mainly from UK.  We are able to source other items like landscaping and gardening  machinery as well as generators 

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How do we Manage?


Car yards, dealerships and car supermarkets have significant costs associated with holding stock in showrooms and forecourts. At Motobex we don’t hold any stock so our costs are lower – a saving we pass on to you. The fact that we don’t hold any specific cars means that we are able to source virtually any vehicle in the UK.

More often than not our clients have an idea of the vehicle they are looking to purchase. If this is the case then you simply need to tell us what it is by sending us an email, or calling us directly.

For those who are a little uncertain, we are most willing to advise you. We will give you an idea of the vehicles that are currently available or entering the used car market and give you a suggested price guideline. Or if you simply want to know which vehicles are dropping in value hence attracting lower prices....

Finally if you are really unsure of a suitable car the you call us at Motobex will provide you with your own personal shopper who will use their experience to suggest suitable vehicles.

We will hold your hand through the entire process updating you as often as you require giving you complete piece of mind.

Purchasing a used vehicle can be a daunting experience especially with reported car scams on the increase. At Motobex we take all the risk offering you a hassle-free, safe and secure method of purchasing your next vehicle.

We are commited to providing you with a professional service, security and peace of mind. We will even go as far as keeping you up to date with the latest car scams should you need to know.


 Magari Ya Fahari


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