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So Where do YOU get the Best Deals on Cars and other Vehicles in UK?

The best source of cars and other vehicles of your choice…?  Auctions?

If you're looking to buy a used car, you'll be looking to save money. And if you're looking to do that, why not buy your car where the dealers do? At a car auction. It seems to make a lot of sense to many people - until they come to discover all the pitfalls involved. And there are many.

……The best deals came from car Auctions. It may appear risky but knowing how to go about it is key. Car Dealers almost entirely acquire vehicles from here. This means that if you buyer a car from a dealer, more likely than not it has come from an auction.

There is a huge choice of vehicles - and as long as you keep your bidding in check, you’re certain to save money.

Where else could you find low mileage, nearly new cars, prestige cars, company lease cars under 3 years old, high mileage, older well used cars and even commercial vehicles being sold on the same day at the same place?

Dealers buy their cars from auction and you don’t expect them to sell to you at cost price. You may think that they service the car or do some repairs before putting it on the forecourt. Not true… at least in most cases.

Even where many dealers offer 3 or 6 months guarantee... chances are the buyer will not need to return within six months.

Many of the cars sold at the reputable auction houses are well looked after because they could have come from fleet sales, company cars

where it is a requirement that the cars are serviced regularly to keep them in the best condition. This is done so that the vehicles retain the highest possible value. 

Examples of such companies are  UKcgr, Bank of Scotland,  Ex-Motability Scheme, LeasePlan, LloydsTSB, autolease, Royal Mail and Lex Vehicle Leasing, Inchcape UK retails and leasing.






Other places to search for cars

Or better still surf the net and check on sites like Auto trader. After all, that is where cars are actually being sold (rubber meets the road)


Large car supermarkets like Car giant in London is also a good place to compare car prices. Large car supermarkets sell their cars at lower prices compared to other smaller car dealers. They can afford to do this because of the high volumes the sell. Similar to a Consumables Supermarket/Department Store as compared to a convenience store.




If you use Ebay – do not rely on the prices shown where bidding is done or has been completed. Most cars on Ebay do not sell the first time round.

 They tend to be re-listed several times.

 If you are an Ebay registered user (its free to register)

try this;

- Search for the cars you are looking for then go into Advanced search and select completed listing only. You will notice the cars that have actually been sold/bought are shown with green prices, while those that remain unsold are either in red or black.

 Don’t be surprised to see how few cars are actually sold compared to all vehicles that have been listed.





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